Pioneering in the field of research and production of seedless green lime products

Dried products from lime, lime juice, lime powder, lime essential oil….

CHAVI Vision

Becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnamese lime and agricultural products domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

Bringing customers top quality Vietnamese lime and agricultural products with love, enthusiasm and responsibility for the community and the country's agriculture.

CHAVI commits to bringing to the community with clean and kind products from the fresh fruit of Lime Farm.

In addition, CHAVI works in agriculture in combination with production and business expansion and international cooperation to maximize the value of Vietnamese agriculture, contributing to improving the quality of life of farmers.

The Story of CHAVI

After a decade of working with lime trees and building value for Vietnamese agricultural products, Chanh Viet Long An JSC. has won many certificates of merit at home and abroad… These achievements have given more motive power to the whole Company and more confident on the journey to enhance the value of Vietnamese agricultural products, and bring clean and kind products from the CHAVI brand to domestic and international consumers…

CHAVI culture

CHAVI people are kind in thinking and behaving towards the community and society, positive in thinking and acting, always carrying responsibility towards society through charity and environmental protection activities.

Administration system

The organization chart of CHAVI is presented in a professional manner and the departments are allocated in a scientific and reasonable manner. It ensures the specific decentralization of responsibilities of each member and department in Chanh Viet Long An Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company (Chanh Viet Long An JSC.).


CHAVI's clean ingredients are grown and harvested at the largest Seedless Lime Farm in Vietnam and strictly adhere to GLOBAL G.A.P. international standards. Besides, CHAVI is always advised and accompanied by doctors, masters, and agricultural experts in researching, cultivating and processing high quality products to consumers.


Built and formed based on the enthusiasm of Chairman Nguyen Van Hien, along with the strength of being the largest seedless lime farm in the Cuu Long River Delta, CHAVI always aims to provide the best quality products. for the health of consumers.


From a soil contaminated with alum...To the largest Lime Farm in Vietnam.
From fresh and good limes thanks to the land, water and air of the Mekong Delta... to quality and safe products sold to many parts of the world.
From the farmer's dream of escaping the desire to raise the value of Vietnamese agricultural products.



    CHAVI products are the result of the passion, dedication and hard work of the company's staff, along with the advice and support from professors, doctors, and experts from Universities at home and abroad.