While the authorities are putting efforts to call and encourage, support famers and enterprises to invest into clean agriculture, the paradox continues. Agricultural products contaminated with chemicals are still rampant!!!

Because of the situation of vegetables being sprayed with stimulant drugs; fruit soaked in chemicals, still young, still ripe; bleached rice; fake chicken eggs… many consumers gradually buy food based on… belief. It has never been so difficult to go to the market to choose food for yourself and families as it is today, because contaminated food can be seen everywhere.

Many people have found the answer to this situation in Vietnam with serious research and investment into clean agriculture. However, this investment is difficult because clean agricultural products are expensive, causing many concerns for housewives. Therefore, Vietnam’s clean agricultural products are mainly exported to other countries and the story of finding clean food in the country is still difficult.

This is really a heartbreaking story to hear. A country that comes up from agriculture but domestic consumers are too hard on the way to find clean agricultural products!

As a person who loves and is enthusiastic for the country’s agriculture, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien – Chairman of Chanh Viet Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company (CHAVI) aspires to find a solution to the issue of clean agricultural products with the desire to raise Vietnam agricultural products. After nearly 10 years working with scientists, experts and agricultural engineers, the largest seedless lime farm in Vietnam was formed. The farm is the place where seedless lime and other agricultural products have been being planted and processed according to clean, hygienic standards, meeting the requirements of standards of GLOBAL GAP and HACCP. The products of Chanh Viet Company with brand name CHAVI were distributed domestically and internationally.

The largest lime farm in Vietnam

CHAVI always makes constant efforts to make products with kindness, high quality, convenience for life, and safe for consumers’ health. With the nutritional values ​​​​that our limes and other fruits of Vietnam bring, from now on, consumers can completely improve their health daily with very economical consumption costs. Especially restaurants, cafes, and bakeries… can save time and costs while still ensuring food hygiene and safety for their customers when using CHAVI products for food processing materials.

Lime powder and pure lime juice are the perfect fresh lime substitutes.

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