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Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh city

Nong Lam Universities with a team of professors and doctors in many fields, has accompanied with CHAVI since the early days. Especially the Professional Council with Assoc. Dr. Kha Chan Tuyen, Dr. Nguyen Bach Dang, and Dr. Pham Thi Hong Nhung are leading experts who have contributed to the development direction of CHAVI from research, cultivation, production, to sales, marketing and product distribution.

Chapman University, USA

Professor. Anuradha Prakask from Chapman University and President Patrick Imburgia from Mission Flavors and Fragrances Company, USA are CHAVI’s long-term research partners.

Saga University, Japan

Professor. Tsuji Kazunari from Saga University – Japan, who have many years of cooperation in research to bring CHAVI products to Japan market.

Yesan Apple Wine Co., Ltd. (CHUSA Wine), South Korea

CHUSA Wine Company cooperates with CHAVI to research and develop bilateral products between the Vietnam and Korea markets.