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100A CHAVI Lime Juice is pressed from pure fresh limes, CHAVI Lime Juice is a convenient product to process drinks and dishes for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, …

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Information about 100A Lime Juice from CHAVI

100A Lime Juice  is a completely natural product extracted from fresh seedless limes of the largest Lime Farm in Vietnam, meeting GLOBAL G.A.P. standards.

The product is considered a new solution that is extremely convenient, safe and eliminates the inadequacies when using fresh fruit such as:

  • Don’t waste time squeezing fruit.
  • Don’t waste time storing fresh fruit, avoid wasting due to bad fruit storage and long-term damage to fruit.
  • If using  fresh limes, the quality of the finished product may be affected and vary depending on the ripeness and acidity of the fruit. 100A lime juice helps to keep the quality of the finished product in terms of acidity, flavor, color…
  • Removing the bitter taste of lime peel essential oil.
  • Delicious taste from natural fresh lime.

Is the product quality and safe?

  • 100A lime juice guaranteed to contain no artificial flavouring and essence.
  • No preservatives.
  • Products are directly manufactured in Vietnam, distributed and exported to many other countries.
100A CHAVI Lime Juice
100A CHAVI Lime Juice

Ingredient of production

  • Lime juice >= 98%.
  • Acidity regulator (330, 338).

Great effect of the product

  • 100A lime juice is a raw material with ingredients from pure fresh lime, which creates a natural sour lime flavor.
  • Used in the preparation of drinks (lime drink, lime tea, cocktails,…); processing dishes (Thai hot pot, sour hot pot, spicy noodles, Tomyum noodles, …)
  • Use for dipping sauces (sweet and sour fish sauce, grilled steak sandwich sauce, …)
  • Serving the making of salads; used as raw materials in the production of pharmaceuticals or food.
  • In addition, the product is also the perfect replacement of fresh lime for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bars…
100A CHAVI Lime Juice
100A CHAVI Lime Juice

Who should use lime juice?

  • Players, athletes, people who practice sports
  • Each time the body moves, it takes a lot of energy, especially the amount of sugar and calories is reduced. The addition of a glass of fresh lime juice will help you quickly achieve equilibrium.
  • Therefore, each athlete, who loves to exercise, should limit the use of functional foods or drugs to ensure long-term health. Instead, using a glass of fresh lime from nature.
  • In fact, Lime is one of the most alkaline foods. Although they are acidic, when entering into the human body, they are alkaline (once metabolized, citric acid does not produce acid in the body).
  • Limes have as much citric acid as ascorbic acid. This is a weak acid that is easily metabolized in the body, so the mineral content of lime is enough to alkalize the blood. You only get sick when your body’s pH is acidic.

In need of weight loss

  • Why does lime help us lose weight? Did you know that lime juice is rich in vitamin C? Thanks to the amount of this vitamin, it burns the excess fat in our body.
  • We can use it with ice or honey to create a delicious taste that stimulates the taste buds.

People with blood pressure

  • As you know the juice extracted from the lime is rich in potassium, thanks to this content, it helps the body reduce stress and regulate the body more balance.
  • Drinking a glass of lime every day will help you to be more confident and comfortable, and  stabilize blood pressure.

Does the product have a Quality Certificate?

Quality publication record
Quality publication record
HACCP Certification
HACCP Certification
Gobal G.A.P. Certification
Gobal G.A.P. Certification

How do we store lime juice?

  • New products stored at normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Once opened, you must keep refrigerated. Please note that it can only be used for 1 week from the date of opening.
  • The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture

How do we use lime juice effectively?

  • The best time to drink lime drink during the day is after a meal, so it will help a lot for digestion. Some field experts recommend drinking 1 cup of lime juice after 1-2 hours after meals.
  • You can combine honey and a little sugar and salt to suit your taste.
  • Before going to bed and at night: We can add 1 cup of fresh lime juice, or bottled lime juice. This helps to add minerals and vitamin C to the body to help you sleep better.
Certificates of 100A CHAVI Lime Juice
Certificates of 100A CHAVI Lime Juice

Where do we buy lime juice in Ho Chi Minh?

You are in need of buying fresh lime juice to use. Or you want to quote lime juice to be an agent, or provide your coffee shop.

Please contact the company through the following information for specific support and advice.

  • Hotline: (+84) 90 371 1155
  • Email: info@chanhviet.com
  • Address: 261 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

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