The largest lime plantation in Mekong Delta


Chanh Viet Plantation (CHAVI Plantation) is located in Long An Province, one of the most popular region for planting seedless lime in Vietnam. With cultivated area is more than 100 hectares, CHAVI Plantation is the largest seedless lime plantation in Mekong Delta.

Chanh Viet Plantation - The largest seedless lime plantation in Mekong Delta


We have also planted various fruit trees such as passion fruit, honeydew, pomelo with European Standards.

An area of passion fruit trees.

Honeydew trees are planted in nest house.


CHAVI farmers are harvesting seedless limes.

Beside planting, we have processed many products from lime such as lime powder, beverage, salt with lime, lime essential oil.

Processed Products of CHAVI are researching by Doctors from Nong Lam University.


With supports from Local Government and experts from many universites, we have advantages to invest in researching and developing our products.

Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Truong Hoa Binh and Local Government visit Chanh Viet Plantation.


President of Mission Flavors and Fragrances, USA, Patrick Imburgia, Professor Anuradha Prakash and students from Chapman University visit the plantation.


With our passion and enthusiasm, we are aiming at providing fresh, clean and healthy products for customers.

Products of CHAVI are exhibiting in International Trade Fair.