Many products processed from lemon in Ben Luc (Long An, Vietnam) have caused the Japanese and many units participating in the international fair Foodex Japan 2018 in Japan to have from one surprise to the other.

                Mr. Nguyen Van Hien is introducing products from green lime (Vietnam) to international partners in Japan
Foodex Japan 2018 Fair took place in Japan in early March, this is the traditional international fair, which has the important influence for businesses with high quality products in the world to introduce and trade products.

At this fair, special products from Vietnam such as soluble lemon powder  containing lemon essential oil, lemon spice, canned lemon juice, lemon red salt, lemon green salt, lemon essential oil, dried lemon peel, dried lemon slice ... of Chanh Viet Company has made many Japanese and international business partners appreciate, especially the Japanese.

Products from the Vietnamese green lemon made the Japanese side and many international units appreciate

"The Japanese and international partners are very fond of, appreciate the deep processing products of green lemon in Ben Luc of Vietnam. Although a country with high-tech agriculture, Japan is very surprised about the ability to grow and harvest year-round green lemon of Vietnam. What they are surprised is that although green lemon planted in Vietnam, at the Chanh Viet farm can give fruit around the year that nutritional quality is always stable and guaranteed on any harvesting season. This is also due to the favorable climate of Vietnam compared to Japan. Therefore, the Japanese is keen on buying lemon from Vietnam,” said Nguyen Van Hien (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chanh Viet Company), who is directly involved in introducing green lemons of Vietnam, in-depth research products from green lemon in Vietnam at the international fair.

In addition to trading, the Japanese also wants to cooperate with Vietnam to train high technical staff, support techniques and modern processing machinery to the company Chanh Viet.

"At present, Chanh Viet's farm has achieved the Global Gap standard, has a deep processing plant with a team of scientists, experts who are teachers at HCMC University of Agriculture and Forestry…, so it meets many difficult criteria to bring products into the Japanese market. The Japanese also see the great value of green lemon (Vietnam), so they express the desire for long-term cooperation, the same development and will help to share many experiences with Chanh Viet company. It is a very precious thing besides getting the product to the Japanese market, because Japan is a country of high quality agriculture with many things for us to learn in the long run. In the year of 2018, besides exporting, Chanh Viet company also focuses on developing the domestic market, our Vietnamese products have been accepted by difficult foreign markets, so why not serve our own Vietnamese", Nguyen Van Hien expressed.

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