With nearly a decade of research efforts, Chanh Viet Farm of Chanh Viet Company has formed, developed on a large scale with a modern factory specialized in processing and brings many unique preparations from Vietnamese green lemons. South to global. Chanh Viet Farm has an area of 150 hectares to start the lemon growing area of 7,000 hectares in Ben Luc and Long An areas; putting green lemon trees into an important crop of sustainable value for agriculture in the Mekong Delta - for the nation's agriculture.

The leader of Chanh Viet company contacted the partner in a recent event
Since 2010, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien and his colleagues have worked hard to learn about alum contaminated areas and very difficult to cultivate Thanh Loi, Ben Luc and Long An. By 2012, Chanh Viet Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company decided to carry out the conversion of wild land into a vast lush lemon field as today. With a lot of modern technical equipment and machines, and a huge workforce, 30 hectares of alum filled soil was originally rehabilitated - the image of a large, lush field began to take shape. . From the original 30 hectares after nearly 10 years of development up to now, the area of ​​Chanh Viet farm has expanded to 150 hectares and constantly renewed and expanded.
At Chanh Viet Farm, seedless green lemon trees are carefully cultivated to produce the highest quality and yield. Cultivation techniques, the process of fertilizing and using plant protection drugs are strictly controlled according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards. Chanh Viet Farm is increasingly improving irrigation systems, internal roads, cold storage systems, high-tech automatic irrigation systems and updating advanced and environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Chanh Viet Company affirmed to enhance the position of Vietnamese lemons by way of intensive research and processing
From high quality lemons, the research team of Chanh Viet Company with the support of many leading scientists and professors at Nong Lam University, in Vietnam and the world has created other products. special in the market, nutritional value and health support. They are: lemon juice, lemon powder, dried lemon peel, dried sliced ​​lemon, whole-dried lemon, lemon salt, lemon sauce, lemon essential oil ... Every year some US universities send students to the site. Chanh Viet camp visited and sent an oil expert to support. At present, Chanh Viet Company has signed the meaning, researched with Chapman University of the United States and Universiti Putra of Malaysia. With these favorable conditions, the research team of Chanh Viet Company constantly improves products. Vietnamese lemons refined products have made a big impression on the largest fairs in the world for food and beverages in Malaysia, Japan, Korea ... and the domestic market.
With a large seedless lemon green area for stable productivity, Chanh Viet Company not only aims to export fresh lemon but also goes into intensive processing.
At the beginning of 2019, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien (CEO, Chairman of Chanh Viet Company) stated and affirmed the goal: “Only by intensive processing will the value chain of Vietnamese seedless lemons be enhanced. In the past, only a part of the problem that is difficult to lose during the past years has been solved, but farmers have been damaged. Only the way of deep processing of fresh lemons into delicate preparations, the price of lemon is stabilized, the farmer's life from there will reduce the difficulties. An enterprise that wants to develop sustainably must always create unique products that are useful and associated with social responsibility - associated with the life of peasant farmers in the field. ”

Binh An

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