King Sauce is a sauce that enhances the appeal of seafood, chicken, pork and healthy pork.
Lemon Salt Salad - perfect for many dishes
Lemon Lemon Salt is a kind of dipping sauce that many people love, especially the devotees, because of the special taste. This sauce has a characteristic aroma of lemon leaves, the sour taste of lime juice mixed with the smell of spicy green pepper and the basic spices: salt, sugar.
But to get the sauce of lemon green pepper delicious mouth is a process of picking up, takes a lot of effort. To have delicious sauce that must squeeze the lime juice, remove the seeds of each green pepper and then crushed mashed with fresh lemon leaves, lemon juice and spices. If you use the lemon too much, if the chili is too little, the sauce is not enough spicy, or if no lemon leaves, the smell of the sauce, not to mention the right. Go to the smart then the new sauce becomes complete. Therefore, it is not easy to make all the ingredients in the right place. Lemon wedge is always a good choice to eat with seafood, steamed, boiled, roasted chicken. You can use the sauce of lemon green pepper to marinate or barbecue meat with pork, beef, sheep ... are delicious.
Lemon Salt Lemon King Sauce, convenient solution
Dot sauce is always important to make many dishes become full by the dots is almost indispensable in the Vietnamese food. However, busy modern life made the hand-made sauce of lemon green pepper this period makes many professional kitchen, many housewives spend a lot of effort and time. And King Sauce - Lemonade Sauce is a handy solution to those problems.
King Sauce's Lemon Salt Salad is made from clear ingredients, traceability and modern processing techniques to extract healthy essences. The most important ingredient is lemon, lime leaves of the largest lemonade farm in the country (150-hectare lemon farm of Chanh Viet Company). All are carefully selected, mixed with green peppers and spices according to their own recipe. Especially, the research team of Viet Chanh Company successfully supplemented the healthy essences from lime leaves, lemon and lemon into the dipping sauce. Therefore, the sauce of lemon sauce, lime green pepper King Sauce - King of lemons is not only food to eat only delicious but also more useful for the health of people.
King Sauce Lemon Salt Sauce- King of Lemon Sauce is distributed by Viet Chanh Company
Company address and displaying shop: 261 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 2, Tan Binh District
Contact telephone number: Khanh Linh - 0902311679

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