Tea Lemon dried slices - body purification, safe weight loss
Add 3-5 slices of dried lime to a tea or glass cup, or a glass detox, then pour boiling water at a temperature of 90 degrees C or more. Soaking for about 5 minutes is quick and has a deliciously delicious dried lemon tea for health.
Dried lemon tea has a sour taste of lemon meat and a nice scent of aromatic essential oils from lemon peel.
Dried lemon slices help reduce weight, purify the body effectively
You can add honey, alum sugar, red apple, licorice, sweet grass, chrysanthemum ... to produce a lemon balm for a variety of people.
Using warm lemon tea is very effective and can still be used cold by removing the dried lemon residue and putting the water in the refrigerator to prevent it from being used gradually, however, it should not be left too long for bitter tea and stools. matter.
According to scientific research, sliced ​​lemon tea used to replace daily drinking water in reasonable doses will help the body become healthy, maintain good weight and reduce stress. Because of the citrus peel of Pencin, this is a precious active ingredient that helps the human body increase metabolism in a beneficial way, while reducing the absorption of fat and sugar, thus preventing the body from becoming fat.

Lime lemon tea helps refresh the mood and helps the body reduce the absorption of fat and sugar
Nutritionists recommend that every day people should use at least one glass of lemon-warmed lemon juice to dry honey with the right dose (3-5 slices), use it in the morning to promote the effect. filter the body, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, help the brain be activated thereby preventing neurological diseases (stroke, stroke ...), reduce stress. Using lemon to slice slices at a reasonable level also helps blood pressure to be stabilized and the digestive system becomes better, more refreshing spirit.
Beware of floating lemons with low quality slices
The need to lose weight, detox the body and prevent disease from lime drying slices is very large today. The market is flooded with many places to sell lemon dried slices, but consumers need to choose carefully to avoid buying poor quality products, drying and improper storage.

A few slices of lemon slices are dried daily to help the body become healthier and a softer mind, preventing many diseases
“It is impossible to have quality dried lime slices at a cheap price. Our unit has a large area of ​​lemon growing material in Ben Luc, according to Global GAP standards, with a modern processing plant, complying with all the requirements from planting to drying to finished products, ensuring natural criteria Do not remove any preservatives to prevent mold ..., there are many advantages that still can't be cheap lemon slices like floating products on the market. Currently on the market, lime slices are also very popular, however, the lemon material ensures that the source is cultivated cleanly (without residues of pesticides, pesticides, etc.) and drying. Of course (no chemicals to prevent mold ...) or not, it is difficult to confirm. Therefore consumers should choose wisely, should not be cheap and should buy lemon slices of the establishment clearly, originating. ”, Representative of Chanh Viet Company (having the biggest lemon farm in Vietnam ) sharing information about sliced ​​and dried lemon products.
A round-the-clock tour of some local markets and oddly sliced ​​lemon slices are popularly sold with great disparities in quality and price. In order to ensure health for themselves and their relatives, consumers should consider and select products from suppliers that have clear, original and reputable product criteria.

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