Apart from the benefits, excessively using lemon will lead to unexpected consequences. 
1. Stomach ulcers

Lemon is an acidic fruit, with an enormous amount of acid in lemon, excessive use can lead to acid imbalances in the stomach, which in turn leads to Acute gastritis leading to gastric ulcer, duodenum.

2. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

High levels of lactic acid impair the gastric function, increasing the amount of acid produced in the stomach, leading to excess acid that causes heat and nausea in the throat.

3. Dehydration
Excessive use of lemon can lead to the increase of urine resulting in dehydration.

4. Migraine
High levels of acid cause blood to build up in the brain, causing digestive problems that lead to migraines.

5. Kidney stones
The amount of oxalate in the lemon when it is absorbed into the body is converted into crystals that prevent the absorption of calcium, which in turn leads to the risk of developing kidney stones.


6. Orthodontic problems

Citric acid and Ascorbic acid along with natural sugar content in lemon can easily cause dental problems such as tooth decay and tooth enamel erosion.

Drinking lemon juice diluted with water will reduce the risk of oral inflammation.

7. Intestinal tract

Drinking lots of concentrated lemon juice causes stomach problems due to the abundant amount of vitamin C that lemon provides.

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